098: Queer Mormon Theology

Mormonism’s theology is “queer” in the sense of peculiar, different, and unique in its connections between ideas and the particularity of spirit and matter, along with various practices. Blaire Ostler, in her new book Queer Mormon Theology: An Introduction (By Common Consent Press, 2021) plays on that meaning, while also laying out how in many …

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096: Where the Soul Hungers

A brief overview of the remarkable spiritual journey of Samuel Brown, a physician-scientist who came to know the reality of God and allowed it to transform his heart and enlarge his appreciation for life and life with others in dramatic and wonderful ways.

095: Disruptive Change and Inner Work

Is it any wonder we all feel challenged by the Internet and all it has brought? Whether it is the societal, cultural, and religions shifting that is going on, or the internal wrestles it and all the newly available information has brought to us, it is important that we think about such things.

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