173: On the Death of Nephi

This episode is a short-ish monologue by host Dan Wotherspoon about the Book of Mormon, which we know has become a fraught topic for many Latter-day Saints who are in the midst of a faith shift. Those who are no longer certain what to think about this foundational scripture will often not feel comfortable studying it or even engaging in conversations about it. And this is especially a problem this year, as the Book of Mormon is the Sunday School text for 2024. In it, Dan shares some of his perspectives that definitelyacknowledge all of the text’s (and its origin story’s) problems, yet he ultimately suggests a few reasons for feeling it is ways it is still worthy of more study, more questioning, more wrestling. He suggests that if we are to “kill Nephi,” we should really know what we are doing because completely dismissing the Book of Mormon is a very serious matter.


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Read the Sunstone editorial Dan Wotherspoon wrote for the magazine’s March 2005 issue, “On the Death of Nephi”

On the Death of Nephi
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