167: Thomas McConkie, “At-One-Ment”: Embodying the Fullness of Human-Divinity

This episode celebrates Thomas McConkie’s incredible new book, At-One-Ment: Embodying the Fullness of Human-Divinity, and dives into several of its topic areas that LDF Host Dan Wotherspoon chose as potentially helpful to this listening audience. In both a personal and descriptive tone they discuss the importance of training our minds to “concentrate,” for it is the primary key that can unlock our ability to live in a state of endless energy, depth, beauty, love, and connection. Tom also talks about “transfiguration.” 

In another important section of the conversation, Tom describes for us certain “energy centers” in our bodies (such as our needs for safety/security, pleasure, esteem/affection, and to experience power within situations) and how these centers often get activated (with negative effects) within our daily lives. He also discusses ways to mitigate in healthy ways the discomfort they create within us.

Another topic here is ways to convey what we can expect as we step more fully into a life as a “human-divine.” What is it like? What kinds of experiences await? How does yielding to the transfiguring power of the Sacred World affect us?

Throughout, both Tom and Dan share from their own personal experiences as travelers stumbling through adolescence before being captured by Spirit and drawn into these kinds of lives.

Listen in!


Thomas Wirthlin McConkie, At-One-Ment: Embodying the Fullness of the Human-Divine (Faith Matters Press, 2023).

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