Latter-day Faith Virtual Fireside

“Hard Conversations”

Thursday, September 24th and Sunday September 27th, 7-9pm Mountain Daylight Time

Host: Dan Wotherspoon

Participants: YOU!

A journey of faith is not static: we are on an eternal path of progression, where our understanding of what we hold to be true evolves as we work our inner life. Paul spoke of how his way of speaking, understanding, and thinking transformed in his journey (1 Cor 13:11). As we learn new things, we often set aside ideas and propositions we once held to be “true” but no longer are for us. As Christ symbolized the death of the old life and the rebirth into the new, this process of setting aside “old ideas” is necessary for us to be reborn.

But what if those “old ideas” are the cherished truths of our family and loved ones today, as they once were for us? How to we share the joys and sorrows of our journey? What if our insights about God’s love for all of God’s children means accepting and loving those whose lives and practices we once condemned? How do we handle Church meetings which quote or misconstrue unloving comments by Church leaders as a way to justify injustice? How do we share testimony when our understanding of God, Church and faith no longer fit the typical exclusive claims we make in our testimony meetings?

Our firesides this month will focus on how to have these “hard conversations” with those we love. We seek to find a compassionate and supportive Way to help those around us better understand what we are going through.

Please fill out the form below to register for this fireside, for either Thursday September 24th, or Sunday September 27th. After you register, typically on the day of the fireside, we’ll send you a Zoom invite by email containing the link to join the call.

We hope you will join us!

Latter-day Faith Virtual Fireside September 2020

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