Latter-day Faith Virtual Fireside


Thursday, January 14th and Sunday January 17th, 7-9pm Mountain Daylight Time

Host: Dan & Mark

Participants: YOU!

How do we hear the voice of God or the Spirit? Latter-day Saints speak and sing that “there is a right and a wrong to every question,” and we can “be safe through inspiration’s power.” But this begs some questions: Is there truly a right and to every question? What is the nature of “inspiration?” How does inspiration reveal itself to my mind and heart? How do I know that it is the Spirit speaking, and not my own desires or conscience? Discernment is this process of listening to and sorting out the thoughts and feelings we receive in our spiritual inner work.

At one level, discernment focuses on making daily choices, but the more important role of discernment is sorting out what our life is about, and this will be unique for every person. Even the process of discernment is distinct: there are many ways for us to examine our life and really have a sense of what we are called to do in this world. While in our Latter-day Saint tradition, we may tend to view our “calling” as something the Bishop chooses for us, but in a larger sense, our “calling” is a “vocation:” what our inner voice (voca means voice or call in Latin) calls us to be and do. So, what is our inner voice? What is the voice calling us to be? What are we to do?

In this month’s Latter-day Faith fireside, we had an open and engaging discussion on discernment. We explored questions like these, and others provided by the participants:

  • What is discernment?
  • How do we “hear” the spirit or voice of God?
  • How is inspiration different than our own imagination?
  • How can I better align what I love with what I do or am called to do?
  • Can we be wrong even if we feel right?
  • How distinctive is this gift for members of the Church?
  • How does the process of spiritual discernment work within other faith traditions?
  • Is there anything we can learn from others that can help us make better decisions

Thanks for all who participated in this event. Stay tuned for future Latter-day Faith Virtual Firesides.

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