171–172: The LDS Church Offers Resources for Those with Questions

In mid-December 2023, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints added two new entries to the Gospel Topics section of its website. One addresses those Latter-day Saints who have questions or doubts, or who are undergoing a difficult faith journey. The other offers advice to those who love them or are someone who has been approached by these persons as they wrestle with gospel things.

These are important additions to the LDS library as they represent the first genuine attempt to discuss such questioning and questioners in depth. Each of the two sections do very well in many areas, and at times fail in the way they speak on certain aspects, often because of certain blindspots apparent in the write-ups and that might exacerbate rather than aid those it hopes to assist.

Two great guests, Jana Spangler and James Jones, join LDF host Dan Wotherspoon in offering perspectives on these now-official documents.

This is a two-part podcast, with Episode 171 addressing the write-up on helping others with their journeys, and Episode 172 exploring the advice being given those who are actively questioning aspects of the church, gospel, and/or their place within Mormonism.

Listen in! 

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