216: LDS Anti-Racism 101

This wonderful and timely episode features James Jones, a black Latter-day Saint currently studying at Union Theological Seminary in New York, talking about his just-released video course: “LDS Anti-Racism 101: Abandoning Attitudes and Actions of Prejudice.” This hour-long course features James sharing from scripture and prophetic calls of other forms to confront racism in its overt …

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110: Finding our Home

In this episode, the wonderful mentor, coach, and educator, Melanee Evans, joins LDF host Dan Wotherspoon for a deep dive into our spiritual core (our “home”), the creative nature of thought, “living from inside-out,” and other profound concepts and their connections to our real, lived-lives, and especially how they offer us a way to finding true joy …

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108: Authority

What does it mean when someone or some text is described as “authoritative”? What is the obligation of a member of a group that sees certain people or scriptures in that way? What is the difference between “authority” and “power”?

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