161: Enlivening Spiritual Metaphors and Symbols

This episode features a terrific discussion between Erik Walters and LDF host Dan Wotherspoon on how we can mine for greater meaning and impact wonderful scriptural metaphors and symbols. Here they focus on Lehi’s vision (and Nephi’s additions) of the Tree of Life, Iron Rod, Great and Spacious Building, and the rest. Next they take on the ubiquitous metaphor in today’s LDS church of “the covenant path.” And finally they discuss the metaphors of “kingdoms of glory”: celestial, terrestrial, and telestial. 

You will be struck by Eric’s ability to bring new and invigorating life to these very familiar symbols that, too often, get fixed in place for Latter-day Saints by the common interpretations shared in the church. Once someone has heard the LDS explanation, she or he will often stop there, accept it, and not think too much more about it. In doing so, they don’t know how much richer these metaphors can become with just a little more effort.

You will also be fascinated by Eric’s faith journey, which includes beautiful revelations and speaks of how he found his way to what he is being called to.

Listen in! You will be glad you did!


382–383: The Living Nature of Mormon Covenants
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