063–064: Evil, Parts 1 & 2

These two episodes (of four, the other two to be released next week) feature LDF host Dan Wotherspoon in conversation with the wonderful and ridiculously insightful Kathryn Sonntag and Danny Kofoed to talk about several topic areas regarding “evil.” Part 1: The focus in this opening section is the nature of evil itself. Is it something that exists eternally, outside of

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056: Living Atonement

By titling this episode, “Living Atonement,” LDF host Dan Wotherspoon signals that the discussion herein focuses on Atonement as a process instead of “The Atonement” as an event, and how “at-one-ment” is a life stance for transformation rather than a name for something Jesus performed/did/completed that we somehow “take advantage of” should we “qualify” for

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