071: Embracing Zion in Our Hearts and Lives

Latter-day Faith host Dan Wotherspoon is joined this week by three wonderful guests–Kathryn Sonntag, Jim Smithson, and Dave Longhurst–to discuss the concept, and potential reality, of Zion. How does this idea motivate each of them? How do they understand scriptures that speak of Zion being a state in which people are of “one heart and one mind”? About what it means to “dwell in righteousness”? And about what it means and how we might come to live in ways that there are “no poor among us”? How do they each understand the three elements in one of the temple covenants: the Church, the Kingdom of God, and Zion? What are the relationships each has with the others? And much more! This episode is packed with powerful ideas presented beautifully, with many of them being quite unique and very powerful. Listen in! Its seriously good!

1 thought on “071: Embracing Zion in Our Hearts and Lives”

  1. Yay! I enjoyed this. The concept of “embracing Zion in our hearts and lives” is a passion of mine. I agree that our “restoration scriptures” have beautiful insights into this and it’s something we truly have to offer to the world. It made my heart happy to listen to a conversation of others who share this vision. Dan: I appreciated your reference to “helping, fixing or serving.” I think it captures the aspiration / change-of-heart well. Thank you, all.

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