072: Faith Deconstruction/Reconstruction Processes, Part 1

Ultimately this is an episode about faith journeys that concentrates on opening ourselves to change–even the type of elements that lead us into deconstruction of ideas and purposes that we once were certain of. It features a discussion with Caleb Jones, whose temperament and interests led him to very thoughtful approach to reconstruction. As teased in the beginning of this episode, Caleb is both a nerd and a geek. His mind is very systematic, and in his sharing about his journey we can notice and lift up certain universal elements of faith journeying in a way that many others, Latter-day Faith host Dan Wotherspoon included, typically don’t pause to name and consider as carefully. He’s brilliant and very insightful, and I know you will love learning from him. Be sure to listen in!

Episode 073 that will be released next week is Part 2 of this discussion.

3 thoughts on “072: Faith Deconstruction/Reconstruction Processes, Part 1”

  1. I came across this link through Waters of Mormon.
    The material is great but was very distracted by the repeated use of the words “right?” and “You know?”
    Would also have appreciated more time given
    to Caleb Jones. I do plan to listen to part two.
    Deborah Wasden

    1. Yeah, sorry those are some of my automatic thinking words with spontaneous conversation. Old habits die hard. Hopefully you were able to benefit from the conversation we were able to have separate from the “right?” and “you know?”s. 🙂

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