175b: What is Latter-day Faith Podcast? What Do Dan and Mark Really Think? Part 2

Latter-day Faith Podcast has just passed its 4th anniversary, and one of its early listeners who is now a great friend, Terri Petersen, suggested we need an interview show in which she’d ask questions of LDF host Dan Wotherspoon and his great friend and partner for the whole Latter-day Faith enterprise, Mark Crego. Terri reached out to many other listeners and asks her own as well as many of their questions.

In the interview’s first episode, the focus was on slightly broader themes about the show and its audience and Mark’s and Dan’s hopes for what Latter-day Faith is and hopes to be doing going forward, but the very skillful also Terri started drilling down to some of the more nitty gritty stuff, pulling out many stories from their lives and faith journeys within Mormonism. 

This second episode goes even more to that tire-meets-the-road level, including “how” they engage in their wards, families, friends, and with those who have left full engagement with Mormonism. She also takes them into how someone might disagree with what certain leaders say or push while still “sustaining” them, their views about scripture and how it is engaged within today’s church, and also Dan’s and Mark’s views of God. 

We hope you will listen in! 

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