Dan Wotherspoon

106: Gender Equality through Partnership Families

We don’t talk often enough about family dynamics, simply assuming the the structures of our particular family are there for a good reason. In so doing, we often neglect the gender inequality at play in family dynamics through gendered roles, individualistic language, and only a few examples and stories that can teach us to ask new questions and point us toward this vital shift away from structured roles.

105: Developing Our Resilience

The quality of resilience is of utmost importance to all of us wrestling with our faith, our church, and ourselves, especially in the face of setbacks. You do not want to miss this discussion!

104: Curt Bench—Mentor and Friend

Meet Curt Bench, Dan’s longtime friend, mentor, and champion who passed away very recently. Encounter Curt’s own words as Dan also reads from an essay Curt wrote for the book, Why I Stay, Volume 2 (Signature Books, 2021).

103: Finding “Our” Path

How do we find the spirituality we seek and the practices that might help us get there? And can we, along the way, enjoy our wrestles with God, Mormonism, and everything that is or was important to us?

098: Queer Mormon Theology

Mormonism’s theology is “queer” in the sense of peculiar, different, and unique in its connections between ideas and the particularity of spirit and matter, along with various practices. Blaire Ostler, in her new book Queer Mormon Theology: An Introduction (By Common Consent Press, 2021) plays on that meaning, while also laying out how in many …

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