3/22-3/24: Latter-day Faith Retreat – Creating Intentional Faith Journeys

WHEN: MARCH 22-24, 2024,

The purpose of this Latter-day Faith retreat is to engage directly with questions like these through being more pro-active and intentional as we take on our individual faith journeys. We retreat leaders firmly believe that this process works best when it includes seeking direct experiences with the Divine–whether that means with our own souls or with Spirit or with whatever it is that we sense is the source of our highest values and aspirations.

We are all on our own faith journeys. We are all trying to integrate our lives within both the largest and smallest contexts. We seek to know who and why we are. We want to understand ourselves and the many influences on our lives that have led us to the place we are now emotionally and spiritually. We crave to know what our purpose is—or even if there is some grand purpose or universal plan for human beings—and, especially, for us.

The entire retreat is geared toward each of you and your needs. We leaders will make short presentations about broad topic areas such as spirituality, the processes of deconstruction and reconstruction, faith, religion, and the importance of inner exploration as well as finding or creating our own communities in which we feel not only safe, but also encouraged to discover who we are and flourish in ways that we’ve likely never even considered. And at each turn, we will seek to open up a space for you to give expression to what you are experiencing, feeling, and wrestling with, and then together we will determine the kinds of deeper intentional work in small groups that will be most significant and helpful for you—and we’ll make that happen!

In choosing to attend, you are saying you want “more” from your spiritual journey—more depth, richness, understanding, and experiencing! More YOU! More friends who are fellow travelers in this exciting journey that life is calling us to!

Cost: We work on a voluntary donation model rather than fixed fees. For this retreat we recommend a donation of $350 for individuals and $600 for couples, but you are free to donate what you can. Scholarships are also available, and are welcome!

If you have any further questions before deciding whether to register, feel free to reach out to Latter-day Faith host Dan Wotherspoon at [email protected].

See you SOON!

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