216: LDS Anti-Racism 101

This wonderful and timely episode features James Jones, a black Latter-day Saint currently studying at Union Theological Seminary in New York, talking about his just-released video course: “LDS Anti-Racism 101: Abandoning Attitudes and Actions of Prejudice.” This hour-long course features James sharing from scripture and prophetic calls of other forms to confront racism in its overt as well as subtle forms. Structuring it in the “head, heart, and hands” formula, he teaches how to raise our Awareness, be more thoughtful and open in our Associations, and put our particular gifts into Action.

This conversation between James and LDF host Dan Wotherspoon also features the story of the complicated background to its production and publication, one that features Deseret Book withdrawing from the project due to concerns over James’ online history of calling out racism and other forms of marginalizing in remarks from LDS general authorities, but ultimately modeling a very good way of confronting institutional mistakes and making restitution. James and Dan also discuss a few course particulars regarding racism in wider societal context, and talk through a form of micro-aggression that most of us would never even think about. Plus, there’s a whole lot more!

Listen in! Do it because you “should” but also for the wisdom and fresh-eyes you will receive and that will bring more love into your heart and spark ways for you to be more authentic and confident in speaking and acting prophetically in your own life.



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Khae Bae video, “Why Susan b Anthony getting dug up,” Tik Tok
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Additional Material:

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Women of the Movement” miniseries


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