035–036: The Real Gospel of Jesus

Following up on the recent “Wisdom Jesus” show, this two-part episode features the wonderful yogi Phil McLemore offering extended insights in some of the things talked about in that conversation but also taking us deeper into the heart of what Jesus was really teaching and what his life actually means in relation to the notion of Atonement and our lives. In conversation with Latter-day Faith host Dan Wotherspoon, Phil teaches us about the “perennial philosophy” that underlies all spiritual traditions and shows how Jesus’s life and messaging align perfectly with each of its elements. He also takes us through his own spiritual development journey and how the insights he has have come through direct experiences with the Divine.

In the second of the two episodes, they move the conversation into what has often been referred to as the “dark night of the soul.” What does this mean? Does everyone on a spiritual journey experience what is often characterized as the terror of losing one’s identity? Are there more helpful ways of discussing the type of surrender of our “small” selves to the eternal, glorious identities that we are, and to a love that surpasses all understanding?

You won’t want to miss these conversations!


Philip G. McLemore, “The Yoga of Christ,Sunstone, June 2007

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2 thoughts on “035–036: The Real Gospel of Jesus”

  1. I am deeply drawn by Phil’s approach and teaching, and have been since I first encountered him about 5 years ago. My questions now are the same ones I’ve had for five years: what do I do *next?* How do I get started on that path to Christ consciousness? Do I start meditating? (Should it be in the kriya yoga tradition, or will mindfulness get me there?) Do I read Cynthia Bourgeault? It sounds like Phil won’t be teaching anymore, so how do I take my first steps and with whom?

    1. Hi Joe,

      Phil’s Facebook group has been renamed “Inner Path”, and has a vibrant community. I’d check there.

      in peace and love,


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