021: Gathering Zion “from Beneath”

Expanding on several previous Latter-day Faith episodes that centered on scripture or the concept of Zion, our discussion this week revolves around several elements in LDS scripture and early church teachings that shifts our thinking regarding these areas in wonderful ways. Guided by the brilliant Brittney Hartley, we explore how we need to create a better balance between the scriptural teachings about Zion being brought down “from above” as well as up “from beneath.” (D&C 84:100) The vast majority of teachings about creating Zion have been driven by church leaders and through top-down pronouncements, even to the point of talking about how Zion should be “administered”! Instead, Brittney asks what would it mean to take seriously gathering Zion from below?

You don’t want to miss this discussion! It is very frank about current failings, including really missing the point in how we understand 2 Nephi 29’s critique about “A Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible, and there cannot be any more Bible,” but it is also full of optimism and very practical steps we might take to restore proper balance and become the kind of church needed today in this pivotal time of increasing disaffiliation among members, and especially among the rising generations.

2 thoughts on “021: Gathering Zion “from Beneath””

  1. Julie Keanaaina

    This was an excellent episode! My favorite are definitely the ones like this that blend both a theoretical perspective with concrete applications and suggestions.

    Brittney expressed so eloquently what I have felt for many years and just commented on this month in a meeting! The class was reviewing Holland’s “Behold the Lamb of God” and the lesson began to center around the idea that sacrament worship should reflect a “funeral” in respect as embodied by punctuality, specific dress, and most importantly– quiet. I pointed out that funerals in other cultures, such as Hawaiian, are often more colorful and loud as well as cultures like the South where worship is more exuberant. I pointed out that God would rejoice in any form of connection and that Holland merely has his own limited experience and background that he feels is best.

    Now I have language like “colonialism” and “ethnocentrism” that I can see apply in these circumstances. Much appreciated!

  2. Sergei Boris-Ivan

    20 great episodes up until now. Each covering important material. However, this episode was even better, it goes right to the root of what Latter-Day Faith should be addressing. This could have easily been the lead off episode. Obviously you have held fast to the lessons of your missionary training – put the milk before the meat. Well done Elder Wotherspoon.

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