141: The Covenant Path and the Spiritual Journey

The title of this episode is the title of a poem written by this week’s guest, Selina Forsyth. The poem, which she reads here, contains several wonderful metaphors that most of us can definitely relate to. In many ways, a work like this poem can aid us in actually coming to know our own selves better.

The episode certainly contains conversation about the covenant path and spiritual journeys—rich territories in and of themselves. But it features much more. It discusses the creative process and its many parallels with revelation, instruction, and experiencing things at a much deeper level than when in our typical waking lives. In fact, for those who have struggled with meditation or other spiritual practices, diving into the world of creation/co-creation and working with our hands, our voices, and our imagination can often be a catalyst that assists us in coming to know more of what mystics know. It has paid off for Selina, and as an example, she credits it with a complete change in how she understands scripture.

As the discussion turns to the poem itself, it raises several issues. One is the power of religious narratives and accompanying rituals have to, in some cases, lull us into a sense of being above the fray, and actually harming our sense of urgency to explore God and Spirit more deeply. In other sections, Selina and LDF host Dan Wotherspoon discuss various other things including the less formal stories we tell, and how goodness is far more powerful and affirming of God’s presence in our lives than are ideas and theories and teachings.

It’s a terrific discussion! Come meet the wonderful and powerful Selina!


“The Covenant Path and the Spiritual Journey,” by Selina Forsyth. Audio File

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