094: 1 Corinthians 13—What is Love?

1 Corinthians 13 is one of the best known and powerful chapters in the Bible. At the end of the chapter before it, Paul says he is going to talk to the people of Corinth about a “more excellent way,” and he then launches into his famous discourse on love (translated as “charity” by the King James authors) and its transcendence above all other gifts and qualities. The chapter also contains a gorgeous section about spiritual growth and where it will lead.

In this episode, Mark Crego takes us through the many things Paul is saying by highlighting our attention on the Greek words and phrasings in the original text and that expand our understanding of so many new things that English translations simply miss. Things we assumed we already grasped in the chapter are opened to view. The qualities of love Paul describes take on a new vitality, his litany of things that Love does not do opens to subtleties that show the apostle’s awareness of the temptations that we too often yield to while showing our love to others. Mark’s unpacking of this chapter reveals a Paul at his best, and our appreciation for what he’d come to know through his experiences with God and people grows exponentially. 

It is difficult to describe her just how interesting and empowering this episode is. You will just need to listen to it yourself! Take notes! Share this with others!


Rachel Naomi Remen, “Helping, Fixing or Serving,” 1996

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