082: The Spirituality of Accountability

It’s is so easy for us to sit in the proverbial catbird seat and scream for others to be accountable for their words, actions, lifestyles, etc. But what about our accountability for these same things? And to what and about what are we accountable? In what ways does the notion of accountability keep us from recognizing God’s hand in our lives, and, even more so, the call and yearning of our deepest, eternal selves?

This episode features a conversation between the brilliant therapist and teacher Julie de Azevedo Hanks and LDF host Dan Wotherspoon that digs deeper into the notion of accountability. The two of them overview LDS notions of accountability starting with the designated age for baptism, 8 years old, and its being referenced as the “age of accountability” on to ultimately how it is used with regard to repentance. But mostly they work to bring out the vital role it has in spiritual development (which includes all aspects of human development). Hint: even though it seems more fun to imagine no accountability to anyone or anything–living out of this kind of freedom–it’s a false freedom that cannot provide the ground for genuine soul rootedness.

This discussion also includes tie-ins to recent and ongoing events and rhetoric in Washington, D.C., and around the United States. What might we learn to see and do regarding these things that would reflect a more fully realized sense of accountability?

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