068: Religion, Politics, Polarization

We live right now in a highly polarized society, especially politically. Yet most of us claim our politics are driven by our religious beliefs. How does this dynamic work when people from the same religious background see things so differently and feel strong enough to demonize or dismiss others? What are ways forward?

067: Rituals, Ordinances, and Covenants

Is ritual participation important? Must we experience particular ordinances if we hope to be “saved”? What makes something a ritual rather than simply being a routine? Listen in to a terrific discussion of these questions and more!

062: Racism, Consciousness, Grief, Hope

Given recent events, many of us are activated to reflect on and protest societal, institutional, and personal racism. Listen here to three black therapists reflecting and teaching us about these things.

057: At Last They are Saying It!—Women’s Voices in the Church

The title of this episode plays of the name of a new and wonderful podcast, At Last She Said It, co-hosted by Susan Hinckley and Cynthia Winward and produced with help from their wonderful friend Jeralee Renshaw. In it, Susan and Cynthia join LDF host Dan Wotherspoon to talk about women’s experiences in the church …

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056: Living Atonement

By titling this episode, “Living Atonement,” LDF host Dan Wotherspoon signals that the discussion herein focuses on Atonement as a process instead of “The Atonement” as an event, and how “at-one-ment” is a life stance for transformation rather than a name for something Jesus performed/did/completed that we somehow “take advantage of” should we “qualify” for …

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