132: Continuing Our Discussion about What it Means to be “True”

Following up on last week’s episode about different ways that ideas or things can be “true,” in this show LDF host Dan Wotherspoon is joined by his Faith Journey Foundation partner and longtime friend Mark Crego to discuss other aspects of what “true” can mean. Here the focus moves primarily to “true” when it comes to people, families, members of our congregations, and others. Dan and Mark also spend some time on the issue of “exclusivity” when it comes to propositional truth claims as well as individuals. What shall we do when some entity or person is described as the “only” way to salvation, one’s one and only true love, and so forth. In that section, Mark introduces us to great ideas and phrasings from Marcus Borg and John Hick.

Please enjoy! Tell others about this discussion!


Marcus Borg, “Religious Pluralism: Seeing Religions Again,” YouTube video, January 2008

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