11/18 & 11/21 Virtual Fireside: “Non-Binary Thinking: Getting Beyond Either/Or”

The Latter-day Saint hymn, “Choose the Right” proclaims, “There’s a right and a wrong to every question.” In our faith journey, we often discover that life cannot be reduced to simple, binary choices of right and wrong. Perhaps there are some questions that invoke such certainty, but for the most part, life is full of nuance and complexity. Our choices are seldom between right and wrong, but rather, the ability to choose to act for ourselves amid multiple “either/or” propositions.

Lehi puts it in profound terms: “There must needs be an opposition in all things.” (2 Nephi 2:11) But this “opposition” is not simply right and wrong and good or evil. He continues, “Wherefore all things must needs be compound in one,” otherwise there is ‘no life or death.” Adam and Eve’s choice in our Garden of Eden narrative was not one of right and wrong–Adam was “right” in obeying all the commandments without question. Rather, the choice was more nuanced and complex, and Eve chose to live and die as humans. Lehi concludes that Adam and Eve’s choice made humanity possible, and humanity exists to have joy–to act for ourselves, and not to be acted upon.

In this month’s Virtual Fireside, we’ll explore how to live and love amid what seems to be the oppositions and contradictions of life.

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