12/3 & 12/6 LdF Virtual Fireside “Authority”

Thursday, December 3rd and Sunday December 6th, 7-9pm Mountain Daylight Time

Host: Dan Wotherspoon`

Participants: YOU!

The question of authority is at the heart of the Latter-day Saint experience. We depend on the authority of the restoration, priesthood authority, “priesthood keys”, general and local authorities, and the authority of ordinances to save and exalt us with our families. One common feature of LDS authority claims is that they are all about external authority, yet ordinances themselves are “outward and visible signs of an inward and invisible grace.” When we grant others authority over us, do we lose our own authority?  When we depend upon authorized acts, do we lose our own ability to act?

The idea of “authority” comes from a ancient concept where a leader is imbued with a kind of mystical power to act. The word “author” and the verb “act” are related to this concept. It wasn’t about positional power, but rather, the ability to act for oneself and have others willingly follow. Our own LDS scripture speaks of this: we exist, that we might have joy, and having been redeemed by Christ, we are free forever, to act for ourselves, and not be acted upon. (2 Ne 2) In other words, we have not only our agency, but also the internal authority to act, to do, to lead.

Here are some questions we may explore, and you may have others as well:

  • What is authority at its core?
  • Who has authority?
  • What is the difference between external and internal authority?
  • Is “priesthood” really “authority”?
  • How do we cultivate our own authority?
  • How shall we use our own authority?

In this month’s Latter-day Faith fireside, let’s openly explore our experience and views about authority. Please click below to join the discussion!

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