10/22 & 10/25 LdF Virtual Fireside “Healing”

Thursday, September 24th and Sunday September 27th, 7-9pm Mountain Daylight Time

Host: Dan Wotherspoon`

Participants: YOU!

Our scriptures are full of examples where Jesus healed people. Many of these examples are miraculous in nature, casting out demons and performing acts that were intended to be signs of Jesus’ supernatural powers.

What if the most important “healing” we can experience is that which makes us “whole”?

We live in a divided world, perhaps more so now than ever. We are isolated from others, and estranged from ourselves, from our communities, and the world. Perhaps now is the time that we need a healing balm more than ever, to bring us back together, to be whole.

In this month’s Latter-day Faith Firesides, we hope to have an open discussion about our needs to be whole, and what kinds of things we can do be find healing. Please click below to join the discussion!

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