5/21 & 5/24 Latter-day Faith Virtual Fireside: “Evil”

When: May 21st and 24th, 7-9pm Mountain Time

Host: Dan Wotherspoon

Participants: YOU!

Every human being, at some point in her or his life, wrestles with the concept and/or reality of evil. What is it? Is it an actual thing or merely the absence of good? What causes it or our sense of it? Are we, ourselves, fully responsible for the bad things we do, or are we responding to temptations from unseen devils? And speaking of devils, what about Satan? Is there a being who was cast out of heaven and led away a third of our fellow souls? What do we gain, and what do we lose, when we hold to the idea of a Satan-like character? Are there alternative ways to think about the reasons we choose against our own best interests or those of others? If someone is a theist, evil challenges either God’s power or goodness. What are some of the ways people have tried to work through this problem? The concept of hell is also powerful for many. Does Mormonism hold interesting ideas regarding sin and damnation that plays that same role? Is any thought of a hell or eternal punishment a help in certain times or situations?

Another area to possibly discuss is the issue of natural vs human/moral evils? Do these differences inform what is happening in the world today with regard to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic? Is God behind this? Has God been the reason for all of the plagues and famines and natural disasters we read about in the Bible and Book of Mormon? What are other ways that these might be framed that will aid our spiritual growth and understandings of the Divine?

We are excited to host Virtual Fireside discussions with you about these or any other issues related to evil that you might want to bring up! Register for either the May 21st (Thursday) or May 24th (Sunday) firesides that will happen starting at 7pm Mountain on those days.

After you register, LdF will send you a Zoom invite containing the link to join the call on your designated night. Please note, the confirmation email is not automatically generated once you register — it will come later.

We hope you will join us!

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