060: Carol Lynn Pearson—Walking with All of Us

This episode features the magnificent poet, playwright, author and “wise woman elder” of Mormonism, Carol Lynn Pearson!  It’s always a pleasure to be exposed to her writing and thinking and hard-won insights about life, God, core values, and so much more. Latter-day Faith host Dan Wotherspoon took the opportunity provided by the recent release of her new children’s book (that has incredible messages for adults, too), I’ll Walk with You, to invite her on the show again. in the first half of the discussion, Carol Lynn takes us through various stages of her life as a writer and public voice on women’s issues, LGBT+ education and support, and several others. She then tells us the story of how this particular book came to be, which is followed by her reading it. It’s an experience not to be missed!

Following that, she and Dan devote the remaining time to life in this time of coronavirus/covid-19 and what they both hope will continue to happen right now now as well as when we emerge from more stringent social distancing. What should we take to heart that this pandemic has taught us and, even more important, what should we re-think, re-imagine, or jettison going forward? 

We hope you will listen in! An hour with Carol Lynn is always well spent! 



Carol Lynn Pearson and Jane Sanders, I’ll Walk with You (Gibbs Smith Publishing, 2020)

Carol Lynn’s Website: https://carollynnpearson.com/

Link to May’s Virtual Firesides on “Evil” (21st and 24th, 7 to 9pm Mountain):

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