Latter-day Faith Virtual Fireside

Expanding Our Understanding of Prayer”

When: Date & Time: March 19, 2020, from 7–9pm Mountain Standard Time

Hosts: Dan Wotherspoon, Mark Crego, Susan Hinckley

Participants: YOU!

In last month’s Virtual Fireside we talked about how our understanding of God changes, matures, becomes more nuanced. We move from a kind of God who intervenes supernaturally in human affairs, to a God who weeps with us in our suffering, who comforts us.

How do we communicate with God? How do we develop a richer, more intimate relationship with the Spirit? Our prayer formulas of our childhood often fall short of a real relationship, and many of our listeners have communicated that prayer is difficult when the target of our prayers is different than we once understood.

This month’s Virtual Fireside will be an open, unrecorded private online video discussion of prayer: what are the challenges, what works and what doesn’t, and how we can develop a richer tradition of prayer and contemplation in our Journey of Latter-day Faith.


Author: Mark Crego

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